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TRICONTINENTAL OIL SERVICES LIMITED being a good corporate body shall a matter of policy objective cooperate with its host community in all aspects that will produce a conducive atmosphere for the safe execution of projects. To promote cordial relationship with host communities the following policies will be pursued:

  • At least 60% of employment of skilled labor (particularly casual labor) for the execution of any project is exclusively reserved for indigenes of the host community.
  • Indigenes are to be given primary consideration in the award of sub-contract jobs particularly where capable companies exist in the host community.
  • The company shall conduct all its operations in such a manner so as not to pose any environmental threat to the host community.
  • In event of any damage, the company shall pay adequate compensation for any damage the operation may have caused to the host community
  • In all matters, the company shall dialogue with legitimate representatives of the host community to promote mutual trust and benefits.
  • The Public Relations Department shall remain open to the host community.
  • The company shall recognize the leadership or the traditional ruling institution of the host community
  • The company shall not be involved in the local policies of the host community.
  • The company shall within its limited resources assist in the developmental efforts of the host community.


The Public Relations Department in conjunction with the HSES department handles community relation matters.  The Head of the P.R department will visit host communities quarterly and in addition; officers of the department will do more frequent visits.  In line with the above policy statements, the following procedures shall be adhered:

  • Before mobilizing personnel and materials to any project site, a community relations delegation with the Head of HSES as member shall visit prospective host community to:
  • Introduce the company to the community.




Declare the mision of the company and the importance of the project to the host community

  • To seek the views, request, and reception or otherwise of the host community
  • To seek cooperation with the host community

The outcome of the above meeting shall determine the amount of public relations effort that will be made to ensure safe execution of the project.

he project site engineer shall liaise with the P.R department on any matter that will threaten the lives and the smooth execution of the project.


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